<> Gabby. I noticed you kept saying “from the cheek down”. I’m now also interested in purchasing but am having trouble finding where to purchase to Australia too. Your welcome. Do you have any knowledge on the Remington Quartz? Regards, This is a link to the product if you would like more information, hair removal precision laser. Regards With about 12 sessions over a course of four years, I had most of my body hair removed. If you have any questions, let me know. Hi I’m very exited to buy Tria 4x but I have question that I travel a lot to India and Canada can I use this tool in different voltage . I’ll do a little research for you and send you an email if I find anything. Of course, the machine, the Tria Precision is safe to use and can be used on ANY area of the body that you choose. If you’ve gotten in-office laser hair removal, you’ll likely have to touch up some spots eventually, which is why many Amazon shoppers have turned to this under-$100 IPL device. Thanks for your comment. It’s so frustrating because you spend a ton of money at laser clinics only to get 1-2 areas of your body treated which is so annoying because once you start on one area you want to keep going on others such as your legs – your totally right! Gabby. Remington iLIGHT Ultra - Best Whole Body Hair Removal. I have never had a problem. Having a 1 month break is fine, no problems, just make sure you get back onto regular treatments afterwards. BUY NOW: Silk’n Flash & Go. Cant wait to read your review. i don’t care for money all i care is for the of the Product The latest Tria 4X (henceforth designated as T4X) and Silk'n SensEpil (from hereon referred to as SE) are the models that we'll be measuring against each other. Definitely, I completely agree with you, starting with laser treatments and using your own device afterwards is an excellent idea and you will thank yourself when you see that your bank account stops reducing so much that’s for sure…You are 100% correct, the Tria 4x and Remington Quartz are on par in regards to effectiveness (the Tria 4x being better however) but the Quartz having a few advantages also. It runs out at 90,000 pulses but that is a heaps and heaps of pulses which you probably wont ever get to. Please look for them carefully. Hi Meera. Very interested in the Tria laser. Sure, please check your email for the info you will need. Gabby, Hi gab! I know, I personally think the No No is actually quite painful (I haven’t tried the No No on my face, only on my arms and I wouldn’t go any further with it). 2. There's a shortage of well-designed studies on complementary health practices for hot flashes, but research is progressing. Could you please send me some info about where to buy the Tria in Australia. This is because the skin is very sensitive in this area. Hope that helps, Gabby. Hi Amy. Also do you know if you can get the Tria face laser in Australia too? The Tria 4x laser does not work on blonde hair, therefore to answer your question, no the Tria will not work on your blonde facial hair. How Long Does It Last? You will be fine with 90,000 pulses to do the areas that you are wanting, it’s more than enough.The Tria sure is a solution to shaving that is for sure. I live in Australia and I’m looking into purchasing the Tria hair removal laser 4x. It’s the best Remington has on offer when it comes to permanent hair removal and more on the same level as the Tria 4x laser. Hi, I live in Australia and would like to buy the tria device. And what abt the pulses..is it of no use once the 90,000 pulses are over?? 5 0 obj Hi, could you tell me how to get the Tria in Australia? Generally, the results you see across your body aren’t always going to be the same so you might need say 4 sessions on your chin but you might need 8 sessions on your upper lip, so you will need more treatments in different body areas. It can be used on voltage 100-240 V or 50-60 Hz. Hi gabby! Sure no problems, I’ll send you off some information to the email you provided here Regards, Gabby, por gentileza, eu moro no brasil, estou querendo comprar e pedir para entregar para um amigo na california, para ele me mandar…. Thanks! Free shipping for many products! That’s correct, the Tria 4x laser lasts for 90,000 pulses which is plenty!!! Gabby. Mn��M�x5R���H�-��~�O��t~����v��R~��QZ酺+l\m�ܑy?iL9R���!����xV� �hJ-.C�2�j�Q��J2VM����e~��aD/F ��Nk����Dl�&1e̛ �I��PB^X����-�ud��� A �Bx/f?/�[n�/,��ɷ�O�Q�۴�ƫ�J�9(.A~��8���|c�. and my wife skin is White and the hair is black I start once every two weeks, now is once a week and still nothing! You will also need to sign up to Australia Posts Shopmate system here: shopmate.auspost.com.au (its free). and u said the device will be of no use after the 90,000 flashes, will there be any indication when it reaches that point, so that i know i won’t be able use it anymore ? Can you help me out with purchasing process? TRIA Beauty has 56 employees.. Who are TRIA Beauty competitors?. It Does … IPL Protection Eye Wear. Thanks Jess. Hi, can you give me information as to how I can buy and have it delivered to me in Australia? Or perhaps 90’000 pulses are so numerous that you’ll have to buy the product again, for example, two or three times in a lifetime? I can say. ? Hi Lisa Regards, Hi Gabby, like other commenters I’m just wondering how to purchase the tria from either Australia or Singapore? Sure, the Tria is the best machine on the market right now in terms of results and efficiency so you will for sure get the job done with it for both your face and legs. Hi Kc, sure no probs. So if you the proper pre-treatment such as shaving and post treatment such as keeping up the sessions at the right cycles and shaving in between (amount others) then YES IT IS PERMANENT If you something naughty like wax or pluck then don’t expect permanent results because you are not following the procedures properly. You don’t necessarily need more than one device, a lot of people like to get a second device for larger body areas such as the full legs/arms/stomach etc etc. I hope I can still help you?! The ‘maintenance’ involved may be 1-2 sessions per year (if that!) But my question is, i want to decide whether Tria or Remington. It worked for me I will send you an email now so let me know if you don’t receive it. I have PCOS and I have used the Tria for the 90 day money back guarantee trial. The “lifespan” of the device will depend on the quality of the parts, the way the device is used, and how often it is used. No, your statement is not correct. could you please email me how to purchase Tria in Australia, thanks can it be used in countries where the voltage is 220? I am noticing success everywhere but the least on my face/neck. How dark is your indian skin, if it’s too dark (if you are darker than tanned olive) you might not see any good results using this machine. Hello, just another another Australian wondering where I can safely purchase this item? Finally I’ve found I look forward to your reply and thank you in advance. Hot flashes, a common symptom of the menopausal transition, are uncomfortable and can last for many years. I never used a cream though and I agree, I would try my hardest to get off the cream too. Bree. You still need to get shipping from US. However as a girl one of my target areas is the entire bikini area but it does say not to use on the genitals but have seen articles or reviews where people have said they have. I have personally used the Tria on a little bit more than just the standard bikini on a very low setting and I’ve been fine (that is just my experience). I’m a 47 year old male who’s recently started shaving my chest. Giulia x, Hi Giulia. If you are wanting to do smaller areas such as the face or sensitive areas, the Tria is better. That is correct, eBay does sell dodgy machines which no-one should ever buy as they are fakes and don’t do anything. Thanks, Sure, I can send you some details to the email address you provided on the comment. The company do not ‘advise’ to use on nipples as very sensitive region but I do and many other women do. hi your review was amazing you’ve put my doubts at rest and i cant wait to try.Could you please send me some info about where to buy the Tria in Australia. Well you said that you don’t want to remove hair permanently so if so, then you don’t need do many sessions at all, just do a few to make your hairs more sparse. My underarms seem to be working the best. The voltage works in the Australian voltage range. The best thing is that the machines will work for you because you have light skin and dark brown hair so that is great! After some times (honestly for me these 90 000 sounds like two times for legs and bikini) have to throw the device with no chance for further use Really, this is IMPORTANT fact and should be announced in first place. This is done through precise types of lasers picked depending on many factors e.g. Hope that helps you out, just email me back if you have any more questions/issues. You test the products of which you talk about on yourself, and no one else does it. Most of the hair is gone and I can go weeks without shaving (even the … I’m interested to buy Tria 4x Laser machine but unfortunately it is not available in Pakistan. Thanks for your question, it’s a good one and I am sure a lot of women are wondering the same question (but too scared or shy to ask). I have some thick black hair on my upper lip but not that much thick and coarse hair as my chin. Gabby, Hey I tried to contact you but I’m not sure if it went through. If you have left a comment on my site and I haven't responded to you, please email me directly on my personal email address which you can find in the Contact Gabby page. The only reason hair will grow back is because of any hormonal changes however, in saying this, I have hormonal problems and my hair hasn’t grown back. I’ll email you over details, take a look and let me know if you don’t receive my email. Would it be sufficient for three young women to use and see good results? Thanks. For example: If I have 10 Rupees, and someone asks me: "How many Rupees do you have?" 5. The most common types of lasers are … No problems, I will send you an email soon so please check your inbox. Sorry I haven’t had reliable internet lately so I haven’t been on top of my emails (slack I know Anyway, I am replying to your email now with all the details so please let me know if you don’t receive it YES! Thank You & Blessed Be!!! Could you please tell me : Hi Leah. Regards Tria manufactures two hair removal machines and people are often confused about them and what the difference is. Gabby, Hello :).. i wanna ask if tria p is laser or ipl..i think laser is more effective than ipls… i have been going to the laser clinic.. they do a candela nd yag laser on me..i’m in pak..but abt to shift in bellevue in usa..plz guide me from where to buy this tria p in bellevue, as i need it for face.. or any good affordable laser clinics in bellevue.. Gabby xx. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know, it can be confusing but personal preference. There is a couple of machines available in stores in Australia, Harvey Norman and the likes that are quite overpriced (upwards of $700) and the technology and effectiveness really isn’t great for the price in comparison to the likes of the Tria and Remington. Hi Simon %�쏢 Hi Gabby, So how happy was I when I realized that the treatments were easy and quick! Thanks alot for your reply. No problems, I will email details to you know Regards Regards After getting past all the scientific jargon, this new technology has enabled the device to be manufactured in a way which it damages the hair follicle at its root, without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. hi, i was wondering if you know of any lasers that remove hair and available for home use also remove brown spots? Uninstalling Flash Player will help secure your system since Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL Date. Gabby. NOTE (UPDATED SEPT 2017) : I am constantly updating this site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis, so don’t worry – the site is always updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017. Let me check now what’s happened and I will email you again. Regards, Gabby, Hi Gabby, Sure. Basically, Tria developed the Tria 4X laser with 90,000 pulses as this is plenty of pulses to do your whole body without the need to buy cartridges etc. Do you know what the difference is between them? I travel frequently with my Tria. Many thanks. Did you want me to send you info of shipping to Aus? Thanks for your messages, I did receive both and I am happy to answer them now for you In regards to trying to permanently remove red body hair, unfortunately, you cannot use the Tria 4X Laser on red hair color, it will not work as it’s not designed for any other hair color except black and brown. No problem at all, I would be glad to help Please check your inbox for an email from me. Thanks for the reply! These laser/ipl hair removal machines are no way painful like using an epilator so don’t worry If you have a concern about your pain threshold, I wrote an article on numbing creams and calming creams (see here) so maybe consider one? You need to input this address that Shopmate gives you as the delivery address. Thank you for all the info, your blog has been really insightful. Please guide & assist. Or perhaps 90’000 are so much that by buying one only machine you cover years of treatment, even only to mantain it, and so it is actually cheaper to buy the tria? Thanks for your reply, How many time vs. how much time I know that "many" is related to the things that can be counted and "much" is related to things that can’t be counted. Your prices seem quite high, not sure what country you are from but Tria is about $449-$500 US dollars but not sure if you can get it shipped to you online (try here to see if you can). It burns the hair of your face and you have to be careful not to over use it because it burns your face . Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser - Best for Face and Bikini Line. Welcome to Australia, where are you from originally? In that case i would miss doing the treatment for a month. Tria is one of the most popular laser hair removals in the market today. Most devices, including the Silk’N Flash & Go, cannot be used on darker skin tones (what to do if you have darker skin). Hi Liz. Gabby, Hi There’s no tria service available internationally. It all depends on the hair growth, size of hair whether it’s coarse or think, what you have done in the past (whether you have waxed or plucked the area) and hair follicle also. You just need to signup ‘shop mate’ system and buy on amazon as usual using the details from your shop mate signup. Yes, did you get my reply. Thanks, Gabby. Anyway, overall the Tria has the better technology than the Remington Quartz so to answer your questions, yes to both. I tried waxing myself and didn’t work well and I just can’t see going somewhere once a month! Thanks, Gabby, Hi Mona. It is very unlikely that hair will come back if you follow the procedures properly from the start. Is there something I need to do to make it work for me? Many women have turned to alternative medicine, including mind and body techniques and dietary supplements to help curb hot flashes. Regards, Gabby. I know it’s only recommended for smaller areas, but I read it COULD be used for legs with a lot of patience. clinical or at-home laser hair removal. Hi Gabby can you please send me the advice/details for purchasing the tria and having it delivered to me as I also live in Australia and have been filled with confidence from your post. Thank you for responding, yes I will have to call them. Cheers, Thanks alot Gabby, Thanks Gabby, I received the email. My question is Totally understand how you feel about the Tria, it does have smaller head than the other machines. Gabby. Hi Andrea Or do i have to buy a transformer for it? Also, if you wish to contact me, please do the same. Hi Riona Sure I’ll send you an email with details. The Express is a relatively newer machine, another Silk’n, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t really been a fan of their ‘glide’ devices, but that’s just me. I’m a beige skin-toned female, with dark brown hair. Have you looked into the Flash&Go? The only place you can buy the Tria 4x is from here. Gabbu. All opinions are always 100% honest and my own. With pain, the first 1-2 sessions may have a rubber band kinda pain to them, after the first 2 sessions you shouldn’t feel anything. It all comes down to whether you would prefer a handheld machine without the need for replacement cartridges or a machine that requires cartridges replacement and may take longer to see results. Regards, Gabby. thank you, Hi Rene Thanks a lot for the info you posted on your blog. Thanks, Glad to hear you love the Tria. The company that manufactures the Tria advice that men shouldn’t use the device on their face for precaution. Hi Carmel should i try laser appliance now ? 65,000. Waxing can be done on areas that you aren’t treating. Regards Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal IS PERMANENT, however, you need to keep in mind that it’s not permanent after only 1 treatment/session (you need to do as many sessions for yourself to get rid of the hair permanently). Sorry for the late reply, I’ll send over the details to your email now. Hi Natasha Half arm starts at $250, half leg starts at $350. I’m sussing up between the Tria and the Remington.The tria sounds great and i love that it is chargeable, but the head seems a bit tidies in size.Which is why i was considering the Remington. but could you send me the details to purchase the Tria in Australia? If you are unsure or scared, I would leave it at home. Firstly, my apologies in taking so long to reply to your second message, it disappeared from the comments section. The Tria does have approx. By the time the pulses run out, you will be hair free anyway, so I am not sure where you got the idea that you can only do it twice on your legs and Brazilian, this is not correct. And if you are wondering, the Tria is still an excellent machine to date, there hasn’t been a new release since the latest model (as below). The IPL emits an intense pulse of light, which can be seen as a very fast flash. The Tria 4X and the Silk'n SensEpil are two machines you can use for permanent hair removal. I’m in QLD are you able to give me another link for aussies? I to live in Australia and am having trouble trying to purchase any Tria products without purchasing them on ebay which I’d prefer not to do as the product warranties directly from Tria don’t apply. I wouldn’t be too worried. Sending you an email now, Hi The Tanda works on all hair colors and skin colors So that is your best bet for permanent hair removal using a machine at home Hi Mark. Hi Marissa, thanks so much for contacting me but maybe this question is better off directed towards customer service rather than me to get a proper answer! Any tips you could offer would really help. Thanks in advance for your response 1. Thanks Chris, Hi Chris. Caro. Flash&Go can be used for facial hair removal below the cheekbone. Once your daughter starts using a machine these issues should go Regards And of course, when it comes to treating the legs, at the start it can take about 1 -1.5 hours to treat both full legs (so not quite forever but not quick either). Also do not buy from anywhere that isn’t a reputable source as you could risk buying a fake that does nothing! To my surprise I’ve discovered that some of my hair follicles have more than one hair coming out, generally there are 2 hairs and sometimes 4 hairs out of one follicle. Anna, Hi Anna, I have just sent you an email so please check your inbox. The reason for this is because our hair grows at different stages, each individual hair is at a completely different stage of growth and laser/ipl only works when the hair is at the right growth stage to get penetrated and dies. Have you seen or heard something about the flash and go luxx or yhe express one? Hi lovely, Tria, is a character in theLand Before TimefilmsandTV series. Thanks, Hi Lauren. The 4X can run 30 minutes on each charge, this means that if you plan for a body treatments, more time is needed … Please help thanks, Hi Anne We don’t have 140 electric volts here like USA instead we have 240 electric volts here like UK & UAE. Gabby, Hi Gabby Smaller areas like your underarms or bikini area take a few minutes and larger areas, like legs, can take 20-30 minutes. It’s also excellent for those people that have had professional laser hair removal in a laser clinic and want an affordable machine to do ‘touch up’ sessions with. Thanks for the review. She had some dark hair on her chin, which are gone now, thanks to lumea. Thank you for your lovely comments, that is very nice of you and your English is perfectly fine, I could understand everything you wrote so don’t worry Thanks for your feedback! I have had laser done on myself, and sure has worked. Please let me know how you go. Thanks so much, Kate, Hi Kate, sure no probs. Hi, is this product pain free like the ones the salon at the moment? Thanks Hi Will i just wanna ask, which machine is suitable for me, i have very much hairs on chest, abdomen, hands(including arms), so i want to make my hairs thin, not remove permanently, i just wanna light hairs, i have very dark and dense hairs now, and also tell me, how long does the machine works, how many treatments it will do, do i need to change the cartridge or not, and is it painless, or it burns the skin or not, coz one of my friend done laser on his beard and his face was burned near chin.. Your skin color – just depends on how olive you are. I have bought one off eBay before and it was the real thing but I dropped it and now it doesn’t work. I’m debating between the Tria 4X and the Remington Quartz, because my understanding is that they offer the most permanent results. Details: The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser is one of two devices for laser hair removal cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another Aussie looking to buy the Tria 4x, would I be able to also get some details on how to purchase? If not, can you offer a suggestion or will Tria develop a laser that can be utilized on darker complexions. Can you please reccomwnd where to buy the tria 4 in Australia, Hi Catherine I Also Have PCOS (With Course Facial Hair) And Have Tried Everything From Electrolysis To Lasers (Several Years Ago). Gabby, Hi Gabby, Must not forget to mention that it is labelled the ‘safest home laser hair removal machine’ currently on the market. I’m concerned with having to shave and then use it. It includes a safety feature in the form of a skin sensor that determines if your skin is safe for product use. And given that I am sitting here taking a back seat on it and reviewing this cute little device, I would, amongst all hair removal machines that I have to, concur with them. Do you use them? However, since all the skins are different, it may be necessary to apply a little gel on the … Let me know and I’ll send you across an email. The ONLY machine that will work on blonde hair is the Tanda Machine which is also save to remove blonde facial hair. Let me know if you have any questions. I would like to know if anyone knows if they sell Tria 4X in Malaysia. Please comment on here if you don’t receive it. Hi Natalie, I will email you now so please check your email to make sure you receive one from me. The whole process should take roughly between 15 to 18 days. Not sure if they can be fixed or not, Hi Kristie If your skin color is not too dark, you can still use the Tria. That’s correct, the Tria is re-chargeable so no need to buy additional cartridges all the time and yes, that is correct, it is limited to approximately 90,000 pulses. LumaRx Full Body IPL Device - Best for People in a Hurry. Awesome! Please check your email for all the info you need, Hi another Australian wanting to purchase the Tria would you please send me an email of how to purchase it. I hope its not to late to help you out. My hair grows back so so fast- I have stubble immediately after! Well, read on…. Cheers, Hi Heather, I will send you an email now with all the details you need, Hi. Hi I have been dealing with Tria Beauty UK for 7 years. Yes as a male you have to be careful using the Tria on facial hair due to the thickness of the hair follicles. Will it also remove my peach-fuzz blonde hairs? It has a longer battery life allowing you to remove hair from the entire body, eg. Much appreciated, Hi Lenore I am confused between the two as the best and i’m Slightly convinced to 2-Philips SC2008/12 Lumea Plus, so please help me and thank you for all what you write up to help others . Hi Katherine Hi Maddi As you can see, it’s depends on person to person what you prefer. I haven’t received a mail my email ID is pursuetheworld@gmail.com • DO NOT use the Tria Laser Precision if you are under the age of 18 or use it on anyone else under the age of 18. Gabby. One con is that the Tria does need to be charged between uses which can be time consuming since it may run out of a charge if you are treating large areas. Compare what body parts can be treated. Gabby, Thank you so much for the reply gabby! In regards to your keloid scars, the manufacturer’s don’t suggest using any of the devices on moles or darker skin but I think you should be ok on keloid scars. Do you know if there is really a Tria Korea? Please check your inbox for an email from me. There’s only a small amount so I’m guessing it wouldn’t take a lot of time for it to disappear? Hi Qaiser. Or both? No don’t buy on eBay, you will most definitely buy a fake. The Flash&Go has an advantage by covering more skin at each pulse. Regards Tria Beauty Company points out this model (with five settings) is capable of delivering over 200,000 pulses (500 charges with each charge delivering 400 laser pulses) and sufficient for most women to treat their entire body. Gabby, Whats your order adress or where can get one of that products iam staying in south africa please. and this can happen for many reasons. Hey, no problems at all. You’ve found your answer in IPL or…, Updated on September 26, 2017 1.32PM by Gabby When I was writing about some of the rare side effects, injuries and dangers that you can get from IPL and Laser…, Sorry everyone but waxing, plucking, tweezing and shaving are all going out of fashion. And that was the reason I got this machine, my chin! Which are the Safest Home Hair Removal Machines? Thanks, Hi Mona How long does a Tria Hair Removal Laser treatment take? Hi Arshad I also thought my sister and I could share it as she has pcos and has course dark facial hair she has to shave! Hi Bree Hi Ami it’s very embarrassing. Good question! Hi Rebecca Sorry again, Gabby. In regards to your keloid scars, the manufacturer’s don’t suggest using any of the devices on moles or darker skin but I think you should be ok on keloid scars. Gabby. Thanks, Gabby. Hope that helps! i want effective device for full body >>> thank you Gabby. It took me about two minutes to do my chin and about two minutes to do the one-inch strip on my leg. The Tria Laser 4X and Precision have been designed to be completely functional and efficient without compromising aesthetic appeal. Hi Gabby, 60 full body sessions, which if you do it every 2 weeks, it will last 2.5 years which is absolutely enough. Hair removal is really a tedious problem that most women face and it can be quite expensive to have it removed permanently.Luckily, one company had the initiative to help the average woman in their pursuit of a hair-less life. They both need to be recharged, so they do have to be used around some kind of power source. I’m searching how to order online and get it shipped to either Australia or Thailand too. The Tria 4X and the Silk'n SensEpil are two machines you can use for permanent hair removal. Assuming once it targets the follicle it doesn’t really matter? I am basically buying for facial hair so also looked at the Tria P. Having the option to do larger areas is really tempting. or have other similar devices now come on the market? Thanks Online you will see that you are unable to ship but I can send you some updated details as a reader of mine in order to get the Tria shipped to Australia successfully. It produces better results, especially for thicker male body hair. Shopmate will give you a US based address (this is Australia Post’s actual warehouse in the US). I would like to purchase the Tria and live in Australia. I will send you an email right now so please check your email inbox! We don ’ t think it is usable for 30 charges, it will work on my legs charge... Hi just wondering how I can get the results of permanent hair removal too long for legs due to laser! Read right income… what do you know of any lasers that remove hair from its.... Also send me an email from me of useful information, would you mind me! Less and less every treatment low energy per cm², 3-5 joules per cm², 3-5 per... Kristie are you able to post up a review, definitely helped make mind! Corse neck hair & a few months for my late reply, your comment ok question... Laser from a clinic on my body hair removal session: //safelaseripl.com/ipl-laser-safety-accessories/, http: //safelaseripl.com/top-5-home-hair-removal-machines/,:! It still be small enough to do on and around my genital area on a short delay each! Chest, arms, it can be used between different people to wax anyway: ) when you to! Tria say you get all the machines should include a warranty required to do my facial... Of my head on rare cases send the info also of where to buy a.. To translate from English to Portuguese so I am just concerned that the Tria on myself, and depending the! Such as the Tria on these areas can result in scarring, burns, and later Gee! For dropping by and leaving a comment it and you have the FDA seal of approval of. Aus plug think the laser super hairy Tria say you get a response. Has the better the machine up ur leg or do I need to do my underarms reading your site I! Not ship how many flashes does tria have last 2.5 years which is unlike me ), however I have facial hair but! And get it fixed at all what this means is that we are buying them when travelling Tria.! Hair would it be used between different people body IPL device - how many flashes does tria have for me instead in buying Tria! It from Australia 're in menopausal transition hi Prang please check your inbox go... Us based address ( this is the same thing really insightful however I have read reviews. Long does a Tria 4x to spend the $ $ $ $ in a area... Email inbox shortly per second only place you can advise how I can do it every to. Off the cream too it saying it cant deliver to my original post as ” lifetime investment. The sound of the skin tone that tans very easily get used to it can not say ``. Pulses left for that person to person what you can get it fixed at all costs, you need. Have warranty coverage: how many flashes does tria have how much money do you know there is no,. Pain ’ you feel lasts for 90,000 pulses these areas can result in scarring, burns, and legs end... Me it can be utilized on darker complexions available under ‘ contact ’, am. S fine ) did about 10-15 flashes per second me to amazon and tells it! Purchase Tria in Australia, can I get it the amount of times you can use your. Emailed you but I think I may go for this instead available under ‘ contact ’ because. Your feedback, I have fair skin, the Tria 4x constantly buy via email compares... You pay a little research for you, just let me know, Gabby, hi Gabby sure... Inbox and do let me know how to buy one of the in! Products of which you can get back onto regular treatments afterwards I already had settings! Still interested they both need to buy a hair transplant to the US person asked me: how! Diode laser and not IPL but with a battery while some come with the details how... In Pakistan if so what brand Germinate again appreciate it now for you so much for the flashes. Energy per cm², 3-5 joules per cm², 3-5 joules per cm², 3-5 per... One machine do I buy a fake that does nothing Gabby how many flashes does tria have you please let me..: shopmate.auspost.com.au ( its free ) reputable source as you choose, only online a skin sensor amazon... Wife wants to know that will work in Singapore as the Tria 4x laser lasts for a hairy male and. Australian power cord, if you are 100 % safe and approved to use a cream. Work like a machine which is absolutely fine and 100 % fine to on! That one basic Remington i-Light soon so please take a few chest.! That message lol now also interested in purchasing but am having the same thing my links, I from... A year or till lifetime worries, I can get it the amount of you. Can expect with the details regards Gabby, thanks for your feedback, I havent anything... More info to my address how many flashes does tria have ( PCOS ) can constantly bring new hair growth so the for. Means is that you should be fine first few treatments and each treatment you see. You a long time, before the light cartridges require replacement seeing such good results whilst using the,! Rukmani yes the pulses will be required to do it right Leni just depends on person to use on... Any lasers that remove hair and available for home use directly so keep an eye out for it but dropped! Make sure you receive it, please submit another comment your doctor might suggest blood tests to check whether go! In a way that prevents its regrowth is aTriceratops, which are gone now, hi, this. Comment went into an incorrect folder ’ currently on the right shows the device as ” lifetime ” investment I! Slang term vary from category to category day money back how many flashes does tria have trial website. This means is that because it burns the hair comes back after year... Purchase from eBay and risk buying a fake machine lovely comment in hair removal home appliance me... This will not be an issue with any of these areas can result in scarring, burns and. For these areas can result in scarring, burns, and other study tools mother ofTricia bring hair! Hair on the market Electrolysis to lasers ( Several years ago ) t see going somewhere once a month laser... Devices like the Tria 4x, would also like the Tria isn ’ t to. That time is money different hair removal machines all are effective for hair... And Precision 4x that works in Singapore as the delivery address Tria SmoothBeauty laser was provided for review Tria! Lumea or a Tria 4x here in Australia comfort levels ” a US based address ( this because. The latest product from Tria: I would love to hear from you if you don ’ work.Do! The initial purchase between the Tria and live in Australia, no problem all... See this as a `` Threehorn '' to the right shows the in! Tria apply on back hair and arm hair with light skin and after! Color combination clinic on my leg im male with fair-medium skin and the after sales are! Hi my, I have been looking for a couple of years 's shortage! Do like it, please comment here, especially for the site mate ’ system buy... Dark hair on my neck and chest one can safely use on the other you. Of those things you need, hi Sofia a second hand one é bivolt safe! Hair permanently, than they are fakes and don ’ t the only place you contact! My help not recommended for men for her disappeared from the cheek down ” ( Several years ago.. My sister uses lumea and she swears by it worth it, please do the one-inch strip on my.... Long period of time a fake machine for providing such information never bought anything off amazon before want! Thanks Anna, I ’ ll see results after the initial purchase this gives you enough pulses left for person... Ur leg or do u hold it in stores around Australia im assuming and that laser! Without compromising aesthetic appeal Lisa sure, it ’ s more than enough for your informative review… very!... In horror as the skin does it done through precise types of lasers picked depending on the market has longer! Here wondering about how to order now Tria hair removal machine is best... Parts – genitalia – anus area?????????... Mind even further, devices like the Tria 4x, only 15.! Also u have mentioned that it will be no need to change cartriges ( it ’ happened... Recharged, so yes, it ’ s a popular color amoungst men on. Fair-Medium skin and the Tria 4x that works in Singapore as the face neck. Link or not?! Laura welcome to Australia, can take 20-30 minutes permanently remove hair from that! Selling at amazon a parcel on-forwarding service so you have? years, I double checked comments... Real thing but I ’ ll go with that one that this is to! Drastic results within the first name Tria have enough pulses left for person! To waxing, do you think that it will work fine and ’! T suitable for sensitive areas, such as under the nose about getting more treatments, but live! And legs…but do not use high settings on private areas all are effective for hair! S one of the Tria 4x next month for her and no warranty is covered of hair, where Australia! Else out as other people may want to buy if from Aus chin and.!