The last decking series from their premium tier isn’t a composite board, but one made from PVC. Find out which is best and right for the Houston area. They don't offer the same benefits. A: The company recommends using WD40 for things like tree sap and residue from labels. While the warranties are sound, several of their competitors have stronger guarantees at a similar price point. Fiberon provides various color choices, but the availability depends on the decking line that you choose. Aside from being eco-friendly, the Fiberon composite decking brand has these properties: Safe (Fiberon … They do meet several criteria for WUI zones, however, but you’ll want to stay away from rubber mats or anything with latex or vinyl due to the risk of discoloration. If you want a square profile, you’ll need to purchase 20-foot sections more, as only their grooved boards come in 12, 16, and 20-foot lengths. A: If you purchased reversible deck boards, you could simply flip the damaged board over. Vinyl-backed mats are safe along with woven mats, as long as they are colorfast. Fiberon has discontinued all colors except white in the Horizon Line - Black, Bronze & Dark Walnut available while supplies last. Example of a mid-sized classic backyard deck design in Boston with no cover Wood tone, white on stair risers - dori_mcbeeglover These three-sided boards are not reversible because of their design but are capped on top and one of the more natural series from a color standpoint. Concordia features our exclusive PermaTech® cap layer, providing superior stain and fade resistance. If you plan to use a sleeper installation, the company recommends following these tips. Fiberon Horizon Decking "IPE" and Fiberon Mission White Railings WE WARRANTY ALL OUR WORK FOR 5 YEARS! Fiberon Horizon Decking. The Classic decking line is available in Timber and Granite. While the top two composite options carry a similar price tag, the Fiberon ProTect Advantage price is cheaper although still a step up from the budget class. Fiberon Good Life lives up to its namesake by allowing you to feel like you’re living the good life at half the price. The company pulled their hues from one end of the spectrum, so you’ll only have darker tones to choose from with their premium product. We`ve supplied complete details about what you`re searching for. It is capped on four sides with embossed wood grain, features color streaking for a realistic look, and has a low gloss surface. Fiberon Paramount has a co-extruded cap on three sides, so they aren’t reversible. Exceptional outdoor living for every taste and budget. Bold and dramatic, Horizon Decking delivers rich colors, elegant streaking, and distinct grain patterns. I'm looking at weighing the pros and cons of Trex v. TimberTech though I'm open to other suggestions. Fiberon Good Life Review.Fiberon Good Life Decking. Fiberon’s second product from their “Best” tier is called Horizon although it shares more similarities than differences to their top option. The boards have multiple grain patterns, but not in the usual sense as you’ll get one pattern on the top and a different one on the bottom. Q: Can Fiberon be installed over a concrete patio? Q: Can you grill on Fiberon composite decking? With a number of different deck finishes, you have the ability to customize and personalize your deck so it matches your outdoor living space while also protecting your deck from … A: That would be soap and water. A: Rock salt is the simplest solution, but the company says any product that’s considered safe for grass or concrete without dyes will also be safe for your deck. The deep grain looks great and adds a bit of extra traction as well. Our first true budget boards come from the Fiberon Sanctuary lineup. Conclusion So,the fight is not Fiberon vs Trex, but designe vs variety, space vs relevance. Pros: Fiberon has some of the best pricing when it comes to composite decking, and there is an entry point for everyone. Fiberon Decking began in 1997, selling composite decking and decking features, and it has been perfecting its business since. Shop composite deck boards and a variety of building supplies products online at There’s not as much streaking or color variance with these planks, so they are a great choice if you want a uniform deck. These deck boards are scalloped to cut down on the cost, but bonded on three sides and covered in PermaTech. Fiberon, on the other hand, impress me with their artistic mixture of colors in their simple decking designs. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved. For example, the Symmetry line has elegant brown shades, whereas the Horizon line has warmer red shades. Copyright © 2021 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. If you are interested in reviews regarding Fiberon Deck you are on a right place. By clicking GO!, you acknowledge that you have read Trex's Privacy Policy. The warranty is also different as you’ll get a general 20-year warranty against staining, fading, and structural integrity compared to 25 years with the others. Fiberon Pro-Tect decking is available in Canyon Brown, Harbor Gray, Chestnut, Gray Birch and Western Cedar. Representatives available for questions about product and orders Monday through Friday, 8:00a - 5:00p EST. Consider Fiberon Horizon Composite Decking for about $2.90 a square foot. Consumer Reports expects to wrap up the full testing in 2020. It’s an interesting mix of the Good Life and Horizon series although you can only purchase ArmorGuard decking through Home Depot at this time. Trex and Fiberon are two popular composite decking materials. The boards are covered in a four-sided cap for additional protection, but also reversible. Shop Fiberon Horizon 20-ft Castle Gray Composite Deck Board in the Composite Deck Boards department at Lowe' This is what the company calls one of its best decking styles. If you like variable grain patterns, you will definitely appreciate the Symmetry series. Concordia Decking Fiberon® Concordia decking is the perfect fit for your casual lifestyle. This tool is powered by our partner Networx which has been specializing in collecting, vetting and rating decking contractors for more than 20 years.Comparing the 3 bids can help you get the reasonable installation cost and avoid getting ripped. It also qualifies for a 5-year labor warranty coverage like the three previous products as well. That means we divert more than 70,000 tons of wood and plastics from landfills and incinerators each year. The company’s Phantom system is designed especially for their planks, and while other companies may have a similar system, it’s not worth the risk to save a few bucks. As there’s no wood used in these boards, mold will never be an issue which makes them ideal for areas around water like a pool or dock. A: Fiberon recommends using a cleaner on your deck that’s geared towards mold first, as power washing can cause the mold to become further embedded into the pores of each board. Composite Decking Reviews – Wondering what it's like to own a Fiberon composite. These low maintenance products can be installed using the Deck Pilot hidden fastener system. Fiberon Decking Materials Fiberon works to create the most advanced and innovative composite decking materials on the market. The colors do streak somewhat with the ArmorGuard planks although it’s much more subtle due to the shades themselves. Heya, does anyone have a recommendation for composite decking? Low maintenance Fiberon Cladding features an exclusive PermaTech® cap layer that protects against fading and staining. The 25-year warranty also applies to this series and the Sanctuary lineup, but neither qualifies for labor coverage. Horizon with Permatech is available in Ipe, Rosewood, Sand, Brick, Bronze, Slate and comes with a 25 year warranty. Colors include Western Cedar, Chestnut, and Gray Birch and they are also meet standards listed for WUI zones in California like its PVC counterpart. They have an excellent lineup of capped composite boards along with a collection of PVC planks. Terms of use. Fiberon isn’t hard to find, but the selection varies by dealer and location if you plan on shopping at a specialty store. Fiberon Horizon Deck Boards\\\\nFiberon Horizon Decking uses cutting-edge PermaTech technology in its low-maintenance, durable composite decking featuring exotic hardwood tones.\\\\n\\\\nEach board is reversible with natural wood grain patterns. A high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative, Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without all the time and expense of maintenance. They are a bit more rustic than the previous series although still capped on three sides with PermaTech protection. Otherwise, Home Depot is the easiest place to pick up this decking as long as you’re not looking for those Canadian shades…. \\\\nAvailable in IPE, Castle Gray, Rosewood, & Tudor Brown. A: Yes, there are two product lines available with ProTect Advantage FR and Paramount PVC Decking, but you’ll want to read this for more details. Horizon with Permatech is available in Ipe, Rosewood, Sand, Brick, Bronze, Slate and comes with a 25 year warranty. Otherwise, it depends on the extent of the issue, although a heat gun and brass bush will work wonders if you know how to use them. Fiberon Good Life lives up to its namesake by allowing you to feel like you’re living the good life at half the price. Q: Can a chipped or lightly damaged deck board be repaired, or does it need to be replaced? Fiberon Professional decking is available in Gray, Cedar and Brown for approximately $3.00 per linear foot. There are four different grain patterns in all, and those patterns and colors will repeat every 70 feet according to the manufacturer. Both have the companies PermaTech surface protection, but the finish is quite different with the Horizon line. Colors for this series include Brownstone, Sandstone, Flagstone, and Mineral. It’s also easy to acquire aside from the Sanctuary line, and we appreciate the thought that went into the color selection by series… especially compared to other brands. A: Yes, as long as the proper steps are taken, which means making sure there is enough airflow under the deck and at least 1.5 inches between the ground and bottom joist. Q: Is any of Fiberon’s decking approved for use in Wildland Urban Inference zones that meet the fire code requirements in California? The Problems With Composite Decking There are a multitude of problems with composite decking that show up all too often to be just a stray issue for a hard to please homeowner. Fiberon’s lineup consists of premium and budget-friendly decking. Can Fiberon span that spacing without future sag? Q: My deck is moldy, should I use a power washer to clean it? There are five: Classic, Good Life, ProTect Advantage, Sanctuary, and Horizon with PermaTech. While there are some drawbacks to this product, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Fiberon low maintenance decking is manufactured by Fiber Comoposites, LLC in New London, NC. Both have the companies PermaTech surface protection, but the finish is quite different with the Horizon line. Ice melting products fall under that category; just read the label carefully beforehand. Classic and Good Life Timber . Never use anything abrasive and be careful when using a pressure washer. Horizon Decking Reviews Horizon Decking (AKA Home Depot Sanctuary) is manufactured by Fiberon LLC in New London NC. Four Fiberon offers Sanctuary in three colors with Jatoba, Latte, and Earl Grey. My deck is framed with 16” centers. There are four options in this series with Coastal Cedar, Nantucket Gray, Seaside Gray, and Brazilian Walnut. The company has a history of being the first of many things, such as selling PVC composite railings, and it has achieved several accolades. FiberOn This company offers a wider range of composite decking products than most in the industry. That said, their price points and accessibility help to set them apart from other manufacturers with similar lineups. The sanctuary line is available in these multi chromatic colors: … Feel free to leave a comment to share your reviews of Fiberon decking or Fiberon installer below. Fiberon is a major manufacturer of capped composite and PVC decking, and big changes are happening in 2019. Fiberon decking has been tested and has an evaluation service report (CCRR-0108). My business partner was going to have her deck redone with Fiberon Horizon but I mentioned to her that she should hold off and consider alternatives. Fiberon is one of the newer companies in the composite decking work, but they’ve gained a lot of ground in recent years. They are lighter than your typical composite board, but not reversible for obvious reasons. Fiberon Horizon Decking From its dramatic color tones and multiple wood grain patterns to the polish and protection of capping on all four sides, Fiberon Horizon® Decking is the composite deck board for those who won’t Fiberon Composite Decking Comparing these four brands should be a simple exercise until you realize that each offers tiered grades. Fiberon Horizon Review. line and it seems to have the qualities I'm looking. Fiberon’s second product from their “Best” tier is called Horizon although it shares more similarities than differences to their top option. You’ll also get a few interesting color options but may have to special order your hues depending on where you live. The price helps set them apart, but so does the high-traction grain pattern on the top of each board. You’ll also get standard lengths and widths across each series, but their In this case, it’s Warm Sienna, Cinnabar, Burnt Umber and Graphite. The sanctuary line is available in these multi chromatic colors: Earl Gray, Cocoa, Latte and Espresso. Then we developed an online free estimate tool to help you get at least 3 local bids in 24 hours. Q: What types of safe mats are available for use with Fiberon decking? You may be able to special order Latte and Earl Grey stateside, but it’s an odd choice nonetheless. The company recommends that simple solution for most of their decking lines, but you can also use mild household cleaners that are safe for plastic, vinyl, and PVC. After purchasing the Fiberon Horizon material for a large deck, Fiberon has stopped answering my emails about purchase/product issues. Fiberon Composite Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings, Looking for Qualified Installer For Fiberon Decking?, TimberTech/Azek Decking Review and Cost 2020, Wood Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Stainless Steel Cable Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Aluminum Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Glass Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Wrought Iron Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, Hog Wire Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost, 12 Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring Options in Every Room, Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Installation Cost, Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews and Costs. "Fiberon Horizon Decking is a big seller†the color spectrum is amazing. Fiberon products are made from recycled materials. A vinyl material, CertainTeed EverNew Decking. These boards are also on the budget tier and three-sided but lack PermaTech protection and are scalloped on the bottom. Have a … As for the colors, they are multi-tonal, but the selection is a little sparse compared to other “premium” series from other brands. Take a look at some of the websites where homeowners have posted their reviews, and you’ll read 1 and 2 star reviews all day long. Fiberon adopted the Best, Better, Good system for their decking, and they are one of the few companies to have a completely different range of colors for each series as well. ".I've just seen Fiberon's Horizon line and it seems to have the qualities I'm looking. Find Fiberon Gray composite deck boards at Lowe's today. Whenever a decking manufacturer decides to make things easy by simplifying their lineup, it’s always a bonus for the consumer. Flat profile rails, made of low maintenance PVC composite Available in white, black, dark walnut and bronze Q: What’s the safest substance I can use to clean my decks if they are dirty, but not stained? This "Fiberon Horizon Decking Problems" graphic has 13 dominated colors, which include Pioneer Village, Jolly Green, Thamar Black, Dell, Black Cat, Camel Hide, Highland, Uniform Grey, Silver, Burnt Grape, Snowflake, Sunny Our products are free of harmful chemicals, produced using sustainable Composite planks from this series have a clean, matte finish and micro-texturing to give it the appearance of real wood. Prices, Promotions, styles, and availability may vary. OrePac Building Products: Wholesale Building Materials Supplier A: No, and doing so will void your warranty, so don’t try it. A: Steer clear of any mats that feature latex, vinyl, or rubber as those materials could cause discoloration on your deck if there is a reaction. This capped composite material has a permatech coating over a wood plastic composite core. Above: Fiberon Symmetry Decking. Paramount PVC decking is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for something light and durable with excellent slip-resistance. Cons: No product is perfect, and the biggest issue with these planks is the profile and warranty. Fiberon Horizon and Symmetry boards are a board-for-board replacement for wood – the installation process and cost to install is comparable to wood cladding. The color variance is better with this series although you still only have four options with IPE, Rosewood, Tudor Brown, and Castle Gray. Q: Can I use hidden fasteners from another brand with Fiberon decking? \\\\nSolid … Q: What’s the best way to remove sticky residue from my decking? Fiberon composite decking is made from recycled wood, which can be sawdust, scrap, and wood fiber pieces. Multi-chromatic colors include Beach House, Tuscan Villa, and Bungalow. Q: Is there something safe to use for ice removal that won’t damage my deck? Fire pits are a different story, however, and not advised unless properly installed and designed to deal with excess heat. Unfortunately, Jatoba is a Home Depot exclusive, and you’ll need to reside in Canada if you want the other two shades. Fiberon Decking Reviews Fiberon low maintenance decking is manufactured by Fiber Comoposites, LLC in New London, NC. Some readers complained that they cound't find the local installers or overpaid the deck installation. A: Yes, whether it’s a grass grill or classic charcoal grill, the only potential pitfall would be grease, but the heat won’t bother your deck. One perk of this line are the colors as you’ll get five to choose from including two solids with Cabin and Cottage. They carry both 4-sided and 3-sided composite boards with solid and grooved profiles. The last option from Fiberon also falls into the Good category but is a retailer exclusive. Have more time to do what you love on a Fiberon composite deck.