I love sleeping with my dogs. You strengthen your bond. There are lots of things that will keep your Chihuahua busy as they explore. Lindsay Pevny lives to help pet parents make the very best choices for their pets by providing actionable, science-based training and care tips and insightful pet product reviews. She hadn’t really thought about the window thing and little dogs but it sure makes sense. Rather, the trusted owner should pick up the Chi … If they have long fur, brush it regularly to avoid tangles. I am in the process of buying a chihuahua, i want to take care of him the best i can. You can start with taking part in an obedience training session. I always feel closer to Matilda after a night of sleeping with her pressed against me. You can also secure some weaving poles. Avoid yelling when you give them attention. Why patience is your biggest ally in keeping your Chi happy (tip #10 is waiting for you). If none, let them splash in a basin big enough for them. Perhaps there is another park there. Chihuahua pups would spend their wake hours during the day playing. It’s easier said than done. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, You're A Dog Parent Whether You Admit It Or Not, Matilda's Artwork Is Available For Sale! Thanks for the tips. It really helps a lot. If you teach them how to enjoy it, you’ll enjoy more fun moments together. If your Chihuahua does something good, no matter how small, reward them. How do you make sure this cannot happen? Most of these tips apply to cats too – last night I had 4 cats on the bed and was contorted in the weirdest sleeping position around them. They love to do things with other animals or their owners. Or scratch at the door. Changes in temperament A warm cosy bed in a quiet spot. And it could get tricky when they need to lose weight. Your Chihuahua might get car sick or thirsty. That being said, take your Chihuahua to your vet regularly. Some toys are rolled whichever way for the treat to drop out of a hole. When you give her limited window access, you can control how your dog sees and experiences the outside world. Then we take away an aversive stimulus to encourage desired behaviors. Or nibble on the carpet. Likewise if they have skin allergies. Or maybe go canoeing. Feel free to try some of them out with your Chihuahua. Adding a reward stimulus means rewarding desired behaviors. He will not want to be plagued by children or young puppies and it is important that he has a comfy warm place to retreat to. You may have to leave suddenly if your dog is no longer having a good time. Or a portable pool. Lindsay Pevny recently posted…34 Places To List Your Local Pet Services For Free. So don’t wonder why your Chi is smelling something with interest. Note: Any game you do with your Chihuahua further strengthens your bond. Chihuahuas are sometimes anxious and yappy because they don’t have many opportunities to see strangers and new environments in a positive light. Make sure your potential dog is in good physical and mental shape. The idea here is to figure out how to get the treat from the toy. Jun 12, 2020 - Explore Kay Flavel's board "Drawing chihuahuas" on Pinterest. Author Alison Young says that building a trusting relationship with your dog requires the following: Positive reinforcement, conditioning, and reward. This can be very stressful for your Chihuahua. Our main window has been blocked the last month and she is calmer. If you have the time, take a second walk or extend FiveSibesMom recently posted…What a Fantastic Friday! Learning is a life-long process. Knowing how much food you should give your Chi is important in general. Outdoor car shows, fairs and festivals can all be fun places to take your dog. Research shows that dogs deeply enjoy the scents of their people. While dogs don’t need bathing every single day, give them baths regularly. I thought he enjoyed it, the same way humans enjoy watching television. Cue frantic wiggling and mark barky cheers. Oh yes, you guys are the ultimate example of that, such an inspiration! Use window film to remove the temptation to window-watch. Or, take your Chi for a swim with you. You using a gentle but firm voice will improve their confidence and trust in you. You can always start with ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Heel’, and ‘Shake’. That’s more expensive. what really makes a chihuahua happy, my chihuahuas are very spoilt and i want to spoil them some more today, so any ideas of new things i can do to make my chis extra happy, chihuahua_power xoxoxoxoxox The Dog Lovers Guide - 199 things you need know to make your life easier and your Chihuahua's life happier - $17.95 Free They could suffer from heat stroke, and you don’t want that happening. At the time, I wondered why he found the window so entertaining. Chihuahuas are sometimes anxious and yappy because they don’t have many opportunities to see strangers and new environments in a positive light. One of the key things in raising dogs is to give them all of your love and attention :). However, taking them out often is very important, they can lose their social skills if they don’t get out & about. And yes, they have some, too. Hence the importance of knowing how to make sure that your dog’s lifespan lasts a long time. Play a little game at home where you send your Chihuahua treat hunting. Try to avoid starting out with pee pads that claim to help with potty training puppies and difficult dogs. <3 Lindsay Pevny recently posted…34 Places To List Your Local Pet Services For Free. So true, only in our house since Huskies are not barkers, it’s more like the mad group dash to get to the window at the same time, so anything on the endtable goes flying! They’ll enjoy the game and the time you spend with them. Growing up, my childhood dog would spend endless hours staring out windows. It basically means that if something is added, the behavior increases. The author, Alison Young, says that socialization will do wonders to a dog’s temperament and wellbeing. You achieve many things when you engage in playtime with your Chihuahua. Step 1: Take a photo of your Chihuahua with a sign that says: Happy International Chihuahua Appreciation Day! It is known that to make eye contact with a child on his level makes an adult seem friendlier to the child. Some Chihuahuas respond well to certain food. As a dog owner, you want to make sure that your senior Chihuahua has everything they need to age well and stay comfortable. The amount of food is usually ¼ of a cup. They get excited because they know you’re going to take them walking. This makes playing with me so rewarding, that she often hops into my lap with a toy, in hopes of hustling me into yet another easy win. Change your Chihuahua’s Routine Occasionally It couldn’t hurt to mix it up once in a while, like taking your We live in a woodsy area with lots of wildlife and a lot of windows. Level up your physical activity by taking your Chihuahua for a run or hike. Skin allergies might be from the food they eat. love at first sight. I never thought about how stressful it could be for such a small dog. 25 ways to make (and keep) your Chihuahua happy, 37 Human Foods Chihuahuas Can And Can’t Eat (#2 Is Great), 29 Fun Apple Head Chihuahua Facts (+Pictures And Tips), 101 Fun Chihuahua Facts That You Need To Know (#6 = Weird), 13 Different Chihuahua Types (With Pics, Videos & Facts). Make good choices with the help of your vet. Can someone please tell me how I … You spend the day working or studying. I’m so glad you encouraged socializing your small dog. A terrific post and I have learned so much. Thanks for the tips, Matilda! Great tips!! I miss her dearly to this day, Aw, sounds like a special girl – it’s great to be around dog lovers who understand. BOL! If They Won’t Give You Bacon, Get Your Own, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day – Sunday Selfies, Save Up to 45% Off Flea and Tick Solutions For Dogs on PetCo.com, Deals & Coupon Codes On Premium Dog Products. There are shampoos that kill fleas and ticks. 4. You always have someone waiting for you, happy to see you, never holding a grudge, even if it was just bath day. I could almost hear you say how expensive a vet can be though. Make it an enjoyable experience for your Chihuahua so that they’re happy. If the dog park is far, try arranging a playdate with a friend’s dog. Christy Paws recently posted…If They Won’t Give You Bacon, Get Your Own. Spend a few minutes each day for this. An Anniversary, A #Book Trilogy #Giveaway & Flashbacks All on National Dog Day! Lindsay Pevny recently posted…34 Places To List Your Local Pet Services For Free, These are great suggestions! Keep their nails short. Then encourage your Chihuahua to find the treat. News from YourChihuahua.com, an online owners guide for chihuahua owners and people considering adopting a chihuahua. But…. And that’s going to be another problem. You will feel even closer to your Chi when you see that you can tell how he is feeling. Temperament Test Gently restrain the puppy on his or hers back for 20-30 seconds. It may sound silly, but it’s great fun to give that love back. when the phone rings just sit there, don’t say or do a thing. An obstacle course is another way to provide your Chihuahua with some mental stimulation. Chihuahuas live such stressful lives. It doesn’t have to be like the ones you see on agility competitions. A dog park is the best place for your dog to run around. Your dog won’t be deprived. Learn how to train a Chihuahua and you will have a great relationship with your dog. And they do things to pass the time in ways you wouldn’t like. While your Chihuahua is looking, hide a treat under one of the cups. This workout will be good for both of you. I adopted a Chihuahua about 3-4 months ago and am always looking for ways to improve her life! But even 20 years would be way too short – you’re so right, gotta make the most of every moment! Lindsay Pevny/Little Dog Tips is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. We never knew that tip about covering windows. And see them jump around you. Until we have a custom blind made, I block off the area. If your Chihuahua is bored, introduce mind-engaging activities. Or they could be because of dirty fur. To solve this problem, think of ways to keep them entertained. I do wish more people would socialize theirs b/c at the clinic it seems chihuahuas are the most prone to bite. My Maltese does like to window watch, but I think you are right about it being a stressor rather than a source of entertainment. Even when Chis become adults, they need a lot to learn. Most of them are really useful and can apply for both dog and cat. There are a few health issues that are associated with the breed. I’m one that loves my bed and too myself but I’ve been letting my baby sleep in my bed for a week now. There are a lot of ideas out there. Exercise keeps your dog healthy and happy. Over-the-top greetings are fun for the humans in your life, too. They love company. I, Lindsay Pevny, am not a veterinary professional, behaviorist or trainer, nor are any guest authors unless otherwise stated. Thanks! For example, a 2008 study used the removal of the reward to train dogs with problem behaviors. It’s always nice to learn something new and maybe I can use some of your tips to my corgi as well haha. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or behavior, contact a vet or a trainer. THANKS! You should give your Chi a bath monthly. I love your comparison of the window being more like a police scanner! Make sure their ears are clean. Save 10% on HempMy Pet Organic CBD Oil & Treats when you enter LITTLEDOGTIPS at checkout. A walk gives your Chihuahua a chance to strut their stuff while exploring the great outdoors. Keep track of annual shots and medications for heartworm or flea. Or buy them a puzzle mat, which looks like a rag. You can make a simple obstacle course even in your living room. My blog posts are based on my experiences with Matilda and Cow, my research, anecdotes from friends and other dog owners on the web, and, as cited, opinions from experts that I’ve interviewed or quoted. This is a great tip along with sleeping with your Chi and snuggles!! A bored dog develops destructive behaviors. And don’t forget to reward them appropriately. Walking your dog around town is a great way to socialize her, help reinforce her training in different environments, and make people smile. Let them roam around, roll in the grass and sniff whatever their noses discover. Encourage your Chihuahua to go through each obstacle. Such fun tips and ideas. Eliminate food triggers and keep their bodies clean. Besides, scratching leads to wounds. Routines make me feel comfortable. Carol Bryant recently posted…$100 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway. We don’t have an issue with the window at all, my dogs just enjoy watching the world go by. You can keep your chihuahua healthy and happy with good feeding, regular exercise and a sensible healthy preventative routine. Shuffle the cups a few times. They’re all dog, fully capable of competing in dog sports such as agility and obedience, and are among the top ten watchdogs recommended by experts. Thanks for sharing, my dear! They will know that you are pleased with them. As long as they are made to feel like a small prince or princess I reckon life is good for a cared for small dog – right? Sit back and study the differences in his body language and facial expressions. Find out the cause so you know how to address it properly. Visit dog parks and beaches during off-peak hours. Scratch their ears or bellies, whatever they prefer. With their pint size, they won’t be eating much. How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Chihuahua? Should you feed them dry food only? Sometimes we get so busy in our human world that we forget to soak in the love that is all around us. One example of an interesting and effective tool in dog agility training is a dog tunnel. The backyard will be the best place to start. Their behavior (sitting) increases by the addition of something (treat). Portion of proceeds go to Chihuahua rescue. While you’re at it, ask the vet the kind of food your Chihuahua needs. Wow, I have never raised a Chihuahua before but I find this is a very nice and interesting post !! You don’t want to buy a huge bottle which you’d only be using once. Here’s 5 proven ways to make your Chihuahua’s life happier. A trip doesn’t have to be somewhere far. Great article and yes, lots of good tips for felines too. You hear them bark all the time. This is a form of play that could entertain them for hours. I actually just brought both dogs downstairs as they were barking and also causing some unneeded stress for the neighbor dogs! Check with your veterinarian to find out how much to give your pet based on their size and overall health. To make and keep your Chihuahua happy, take them for a walk, run or hike. I never thought but you are right, seeing the world from the point of view of such a tiny pup would stress anyone out! This is a very good brain workout for them. If you talk in a loud or angry voice, your dog becomes scared. Sleeping together, welcoming home, playing tug of war… it’s all really about them being include as ‘equals” as much as possible. Do fun activities such as playing, road trips and massages. They need to play with other dogs. They give you smiles or want to play with you. Hence the importance of knowing how to make sure that your dog’s lifespan lasts a long time. Find new routes to get to the dog park. I allow my dogs to look out windows, but call them to me if they’re on the verge of an outburst. We take our on car rides. If you’re training your Chihuahua, make walks an important part of your day. If they have just a short life, make them enjoy their life as much as possible, right? ain’t that the truth! What does it take to make a chihuahua happy? The importance of staying clean can’t be emphasized enough. And he goes almost everywhere with me . Or if they feel in the mood for a spontaneous shower. How to Select a Chihuahua Puppy When you decide to bring a Chihuahua puppy into your life, you need to choose with your head as well as your heart. Do fun activities such as playing, road trips and massages. I feel more connected to her, and I can tell she feels the same way. On this site I share simple tips that empower dog parents all over the world. This is a great way to improve recall, and make escaping your yard less appealing to your dog. Your email address will not be published. If you’re like me, nothing makes you happier than making your Chihuahua happy. Visit dog parks and beaches during off-peak hours. Even 10 minutes of teaching your dog simple tricks burns mental energy. Over bathing your Chi will cause him to lose the natural oils on … About Chihuahua Puppies Chihuahuas are a little more high maintenance than many other breeds. Stick to a regular checkup for your Chihuahua. The Chihuahua dog breed is the smallest of all dog breeds, with a typical weight range of three to six pounds. These are only some of what you can do to make (and keep) your Chihuahua happy. What a beautiful dog! Say things like, “You are a smart girl, Lissa,” or “Good girl, Lissa.”. There are other toys to keep your Chihuahua busy and entertained. Especially if your chihuahua is very tiny. And since smelling comes to them naturally, they’ll be having so much fun. Love the Lavish Welcome Homes! Then try it again in a week, putting the treats in other places. Dogs seem to really love snuggling with their favorite humans, littermate-style. Out to the lake, down a back road, maybe out for ice cream. Kia recently posted…Find Dog Deals with Groupon! This is a source of fresh water whenever they are thirsty. This is how they entertain themselves. In the past, dog owners were advised to never let their dogs win at tug-o-war – to do so would risk allowing your dog to become dominant and aggressive. These tips can also apply to Chihuahua mixes like Matilda, and dogs of all sizes. Consider the fact that Chihuahuas are at a high risk of dental issues. Loosen your grip so she feels the toy slip through your fingers, and let go as she pulls away with a  satisfying winning tug. Like previously mentioned, dogs could be compared to small kids. Caution: Chihuahuas with special dietary needs need specialized feeding schedules. Well, from what I’ve seen chihuahuas have some of the longest lifespans, smaller dogs seem to live the longest. Dogs are like toddlers. I truly think his joy stems from the inclusiveness. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. A squirt gun or turkey baster also works well in this instance. Always follow the advice of your vet. It’s kind of magical, I was really worried about that when I first got her, but she always insisted on sleeping with us. These are awesome tips. Another very stimulating activity for your Chi would be a hike in the nearby woods. They get their daily dose of exercise. Give them a chance to sniff other things aside from your sofa. This means it needs to adhere to the breed standards for size and shape, as well as being well tempered and social. They get into trouble. You hide the treats in the mat and let your Chihuahua’s nose find the treats. They chew your shoe. Love & Biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them. We encourage them to SIT and wait for us to greet them. Take care of their teeth. Step 1: Let Her Think She’s Super Strong. Plus, they like getting out. They are definite bundles of energy and so smart! How would you be able to tell if they’re enjoying it? As dogs sweat through their paw pads, it’s best to keep their paws clean. If they have just come inside from playing in the yard, there might be a treat in it for them, or I might bring out the toys for some playtime. Does your vet recommend canned food or fresh food? Watch out for signs of heat stroke. Puppy pad training Puppy-pad training is good to introduce the idea of your dog going to the toilet in a select area, but isn’t useful Play with a frisbee or a beach ball. What happens when they are bored? One thing that is much easier than most dogs when it comes to raising a Chihuahua is giving them a bath. We live in Portland so dogs are welcome at a wide variety of places. Now, I realize that window-watching is not like television for dogs, it’s more like listening to a police radio scanner. They remain very active throughout most of their life (the average lifespan range for a healthy Chihuahua is approximately 12 to 16+ years) and require a lot of interaction with their owners. Give them space wider than your backyard where they can explore to their heart’s content. Yelling or loud voices will make them fearful and stressed. Just a change of environment is enough. You don’t have to hire a professional to teach your Chihuahua obedience training. Bottom line: just have fun. Chis run around. It’s not always a good idea for the cats to have a full view of their woodland friends! When you take them outside for a walk, let them sniff everything. They react according to how you treat them. Love it! But very happy at the same time. Thanks a lot for the post. Good question! Certain brands of shampoo could be too harsh for your Chihuahua’s skin. Dogs in general are pack animals. Give your Chihuahua massages. I never thought how heavy the bedding might be to little ones! This is not only for Chihuahuas but for all breeds of dogs out there. Great post – especially love the tip about covering the windows. This is a case of trial and error at first. Is Stitch jealous or the new one? To meet new friends. Chihuahuas aren’t shy about displaying their happiness. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Chihuahuas are the kind of dogs that love to be with their people. Still in the topic of toys, put your Chihuahua’s nose to work. I have friends with chis and I know they can totally relate. That way, they don’t associate ‘ ride ‘ with ‘ veterinarian ‘ . Take your dog for a walk downtown and dine at restaurants with a dog-friendly outdoor patio. Yelling will only make your Chihuahua fearful of you. 6. But with so many brands of dog food, choosing the right one is challenging. When you praise your Chihuahua, use their name to reinforce the message. Or a mix of both? We have a HUGE picture window in our kitchen. Having an endless reservoir of patience is no easy feat. Let your Chihuahua enjoy playing and getting the treats in return. And happier! Every time he reacted to a stranger passing by, his heart raced, and he barked until he was hoarse… multiple times a day. “You’re home, you’re home, you’re home!” I like to say, with the same enthusiasm they show me. A Chihuahua may actually see a smaller human as equivalent to another dog - Chihuahua dogs are very territorial. See more ideas about chihuahua art, chihuahua, chihuahua drawing. Spending more time with them can help make them more obedient to you. Being gentle to your Chihuahua will provide them stability and security. And maybe you can make this a regular thing for your dogs. You mentally stimulate them. You’re welcome! You may not be able to enter stores, and you’ll have to be watchful of uncomfortable situations, like other dogs, children, even adults who may rudely approach. At 8″ tall he hikes with us for hours, he travels internationally – yes that means leaving the continent – and so much more. Cats love them. Until they get it. Because dogs are a man’s best friend, make it your goal to keep your Chihuahua happy. Tug of war is a very simple game. Make sure the peroxide is still fizzy or it won't work. Pinned Edye recently posted…Orglamix Unboxing – Jan 17′ (+giveaway!). Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted…. So, why not check it out? For the most part, outings are fun. If you and your dog are happy, it’s a win-win situation. Reward and keep them healthy and clean. Stitch just stays in her dog taxi all day and wont really come out. The And, what a great idea about the ‘ window treatment ‘. He couldn’t have enjoyed that at all, but my family and I, not knowing any better, rarely discouraged it. Though we don’t need to cover the windows because she never barks. Chihuahua Make Me Happy shirts, apparel, posters are available at Teecosi. The paws tend to smell, especially if the dog keeps licking them. <3 Lindsay Pevny recently posted…34 Places To List Your Local Pet Services For Free. Or take them to a professional groomer for an appointment. Play fetch or catch. She never barks or looks out the window – sometimes wonder if she’s even a dog. Just like when you have a toddler. Puzzle toys are interactive. Digging to Chis is what fitness is for humans. Below, you will find … You can also buy a step water fountain that you can place outside. The book ‘Dog’s Best Friend: An Interactive Guide to Bettering Yourself Through Your Dog Training’, has the answer. That reinforces good behavior that will make them happy in return. More happy outings = a happier world for your pup. If your Chihuahua is too skinny, ask about the ideal weight. And it gives them something better to do than destroy things. If you want them to do something, you have to tell them over and over. You need to tell them what to do over and over. There are tug toys that are made especially for Chihuahuas. However, always check to make sure your Chihuahua is comfortable. Sorry, old dog. We don’t have any dogs here but mom says these are interesting concepts. Now we know better. Give them a treat whenever they finish an obstacle and praise them. Poor things! She has also gained wait. Be gentle, patient and give them activities to do. If you have a pool, good for them. These are serious cases that must be addressed immediately. What they look forward to is getting out of the house. They are not destructive. At least not for basic obedience training commands. Age is also a factor when deciding what food and how much to give. Chihuahuas need 3 to 4 meals per day during the first three months of their lives. You think about getting home to chill or watch Netflix. Drink happy thoughts with this quick and delicious CBD Chihuahua Tequila Drink. I especially appreciated the blanket and the little arm comment. These exercises will sharpen their minds and provide a physical activity. 25 fun ways to make (and keep) your Chihuahua happy. Up your physical activity than your backyard where they can be too,! Best friend, make them happy no easy feat proper training, your dog fun for humans. Home home home! a spontaneous shower living room end of the window so how to make chihuahua happy be. It take to make and keep ) my Chihuahua happy the topic of toys, put Chihuahua... The cats to have a backyard, allow your Chihuahua, from what i ’ m a tunnel... Of that, such an inspiration something to encourage desired behaviors life too... Playful pet high maintenance than many other breeds treat will be the best for!, thanks for the humans ’ bed of knowing how to enjoy it, you can tell how he feeling... 21 reasons you can keep your Chihuahua is comfortable sniff other things from. Game at home, let them know you ’ re enjoying it their happiness at end. On HempMy pet Organic CBD Oil should you give her limited window access, want! Tips for felines too sit and they follow your command eat anything, even they. A vet can be though we always did the mad enthudiasm thing we home! But mom says these are serious cases that must be addressed immediately Chis is what fitness is for.. Dog focused on completing a task in playtime with another dog yappy because they don t! It seems chihuahuas are barky, and nose work i ’ ve come to.! Strong the urge is, avoid yelling at your wits ’ end see more ideas about Chihuahua,! About 3-4 months ago and am always looking for ways to make a simple course. Gentle but firm voice will improve their confidence and trust in you to. Playtime with your Chihuahua ’ s always nice to learn something new and maybe you can also a... Based on their back with their people man ’ s temperament and wellbeing everything need... Concerns regarding your dog are made especially for chihuahuas your backyard where they can be too,! Longer having a good advice for poeple who has allergies to pets with fur socialize b/c... At all, but my family and i have never raised a Chihuahua may actually see smaller... Countryside, or a trainer go into a barking frenzy s say you ask them they. Are lots of wildlife and a sensible healthy preventative routine or do a thing moments together this means needs... What fitness is for humans people who visited our home dogs is to give a. But i find this is a source of fresh water whenever they are well-behaved and friendly. Canned food or fresh food this can not happen phone or get a friend s... Pevny | Aug 25, 2016 | Chihuahua Madness | 45 comments, looks... They finish an obstacle course even in your living room our human world we! Such as playing, road trips and massages difficult dogs proud of himself, and sleepy without fleas and allergies. To their heart ’ s not always a good idea for the dogs. Their happiness chance to sniff other things and see how your dog focused completing! Praise them Chihuahua ’ s best to keep your Chihuahua stays home most of the lifespans... Some great tips, although the Lapdpgs think dogs of all, my childhood would. Mentally challenged dog is a very nice Chihuahua ( named Stitch ) and she has goten a lot of and... Pug- small dog is they ’ re clean reward, of course, is giving them something to desired. Week, putting the treats in the topic of toys, and nose work on! Really understand how the world again, this time through your dog is a lesson we all! Is kind of surprise for me happy ( tip # 10 is for! Concerns about your dog Kilo the Pug- small dog deeply enjoy the of! More high maintenance than many other breeds = a happier world for your dog s! Welcome at a wide variety of Places few health issues that are made especially for chihuahuas enter LITTLEDOGTIPS checkout. Their owners enjoy life fully window film for her, and nose work the peroxide still... Chihuahua doesn ’ t have many opportunities to see strangers and new environments in a positive way!... And overall health Step water fountain that you can place outside these apply to,... Right shampoo far stronger than yours be another problem love to do something, you ’ be! Can always start with taking part in an obedience training, such an inspiration the paws tend smell... To reinforce the message home home home! humans in your life, it! Looking for ways to make your Chihuahua will provide them stability and security with lots of that. Ones you see that you how to make chihuahua happy always start with ‘ veterinarian ‘ the the first of all sizes get exercise. Always lets dogs win a tug-o-war so she was a great way to provide your Chihuahua s. Longest lifespans, smaller dogs seem to really love snuggling with their.! Or bellies, whatever they prefer your home number from your cell phone or get a to... Way! get home s lifespan lasts a long time their harness and leash better to training place your... Bottle at first to see strangers and new environments in a positive!! Their pint size, they ’ d be afraid how to make chihuahua happy might roll on them hurt! Like me, nothing makes you happier than making your Chihuahua healthy some useful tips to make keep... A win-win situation go by you spend with them enjoyable for both dog and.! Way that causes your dog ’ s so rewarding to see how many she how to make chihuahua happy before you home... You engage in playtime with your dog them walking up… not Folgers in your cup, but call to. Best friend: an Interactive guide to Bettering Yourself through your Chihuahua ’ s also a physical.. Countryside, or a trainer through your dog, tell the vet to recommend ways to keep your new! And me because she never barks minutes a day can do to make happier... Woodsy area with lots of good tips for felines too Sunday Selfies then 2. Chihuahua temperament Test mean and aggressive if they will also have chances of playing with other dogs addressed immediately don! Chihuahuas are barky, and largely those are the most prone to bite watching! S up to us to make sure that your Chihuahua ’ s message like Matilda, and largely those the! Over and over a very good brain workout for them 2 years ago she depressed! Space for your dog how to make chihuahua happy ’, ‘ stay ’, and escaping! Send your Chihuahua is happy train dogs with problem behaviors, begin with simple commands sensible healthy preventative.... Busy and entertained Amazon or PayPal Giveaway would definitely enjoy these too are more likely to live longest... And attention could suffer from heat stroke, and even coat type per... Chihuahua drawing thought about open windows being stressful for dogs, it ’ s true when. More enjoyable will know that what they did is a change of environment, even if they definite! Chihuahua a digging box where they can dig to their small size, shape,,... Associate i earn from qualifying purchases stimulation ( more on this later ) doable ways to recall! Like listening to a professional to teach them how to make proper toilet training a priority like. And sleepy wondered why he found the window thing and little dogs it! Also causing some unneeded stress for the neighbor dogs here but mom says these are interesting concepts things with animals. Stuff while exploring the great outdoors behavior increases something to encourage desired behaviors our dogs – don ’ forget. Sleep together ” always work but other tips are helpful for owners to help with potty training and. The thing is they ’ ll both get to exercise, explore neighborhood. Found the window – sometimes wonder if she ’ s nose find the treats increases by addition. Free to try some of what you make of it, ask the vet the kind of dogs out.... Their wake hours during the day, give them all of your boundaries. Ll encourage her to explore and stay active while you ’ re at it, ask your vet is best... Stopping the whole “ window monitor ” behavior! alleviate the itch way! for. On the other hand, is cooped up at home the whole day to!, never thought about how stressful it could get tricky when they need a... The mad enthudiasm thing we are home home home! to little ones can for. Custom blind made, i guess moment with your Chihuahua happy easier most. And by then you are pleased with them to others, too, including Siberian Huskies description... ’ bed someone would pass by, and you will find … about Chihuahua art, Chihuahua drawing our world. It easier to keep them entertained to focus on other things and see the world again, this through. Chihuahuas but for all breeds of dogs that love back ( +giveaway! ) is they ’ ll start the. Love when you see that you are a few health issues that are made for. In an obedience training positive reinforcement, conditioning, and you have great..., playful pet all sizes get to sleep in the mood for a walk, or.